Witty timer

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Witty timer

MicroGate started from scratch when they designed the Witty system. They did use their knowledge from the PoliFemo system (a system specifically designed for competitions), but wanted something that fit the training market perfectly.

Because of that design idea the Witty family is not only powerful, but is also very easy to setup and use. The entire system is wireless, easy to charge via USB and is operated by a console that is easy to use, carry and is waterproof: the Witty console.

Witty console

The heart of the system is used to conduct tests, but can also be used to create athletes of design your own tests. But those things are easier done through the included Witty Manager software.

In that software you create athletes, define groups, design tests, create series of tests and upload the whole set straight into the Witty console.


Witty Gate

The Witty gate is the photocell for this system. The configuration is built with an active component and a simple reflector. Because of this setting it up is so easy (and also because everything is wireless). The distance between the photocell and the reflector may 12 m. max. The distance from the photocell to the console can by 150 m. maximum. Fully charged the system should work for about 10 hours.


For direct feedback to athletes (and spectators) you can add a WittyTab to your setup. This autonomous clockis both easy to carry and light (2,9 kg), but is still easy to read from a great distance. You can even use the WittyTab with only Witty Gates (no console)! Like the Witty gates the WittyTab can operate approx. 10 hours on a full charge.


The WittySEM is a LED display configured by the Witty console. The WittySEM also holds a proximity scanner, so the system registers when you approach the WittySEM. The system was designed to measure response time of athletes. This is easy (and fun!), you can setup the system so you should look for the sign that goes on, or make it a little harder and search for the red 4.

The WittySEM can also be used to provide athletes with information that they should use to base their next action on. A good example is the standard T test, one of the standard tests for a lot of sports.


And last but not least we have the WittyRFID. This system is meant to make is easy to time big groups of athletes or to let athletes start the test without supervision.

Athletes wear a programmed tag on a writ band and scan their tag before starting their exercise. Because of the tag we now know which athlete stands at the start line.