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Photofinish is the best way to determine the exact time at the finishline. Depending on the camera and sport we can do that at 20.000 frames per second

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IPICO Sports

IPICO Sports blinkt uit door de grote hoeveelheden sporters die gemeten kunnen worden in combinatie met een uitgebreide keuze van tags (shoetags, startnummer tags & actieve transponders). Met dezelfde hardware kunt u meerdere sporten bedienen!

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Witty timer

Do you need to measure performance of your athletes and do it efficient? Witty is designed from scratch to test large groups of athletes fast and accurate, not just with photocells, but with intelligent lights as well.

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The SIS (Start Information System) assists the starter and referee by providing exact information about the start: when did an athlete move? Was there movement before the start? This helpes to make an informed decision when there is doubt.

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IsoLynx allows you to track athletes completly during their event. For this it does not matter is the course is fixed (like running, ice-skating, cycling) or the movement is free (like soccer, hockey, baseball). All data is recorded in real time. We are so fast that we can sent the information to a robotic camera to capture the athlete or the top 3, the person with the ball ... you want it? We can do it!

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