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SplitTime has a complete website dedicated to our rental program. Visit for more information. If you know what you need, go to the contact page and sent us a message!

At SplitTime we are firm believers that you should”eat your own dogfood first”. So ever since we started we have been using the equipment we sell to do timing at events. Between then and now we have timed hundreds of events from regional level to very big international events. We have operators that are certified by federations to do timing at the highest level of competition.

The cool thing about doing regional level competitions is that is helps us train new operators and test new configurations or equipment. All our senior level operators have started at the regional level and still do local races.

In the last couple of years these are some of the big international events we have done:

  • London marathon (London, UK)
  • Medgames (Mersin, TR)
  • Istanbul marathon (Istanbul, TR)
  • Marathon van Gent (Gent, BE)
  • European Championship Clubs Cup (Mersin, TR)
  • Hellespont Swimming race (TR)

It is great to be part of large events like this, but our commitment at competitions for 6 to 12 year olds will be the same: athletes deserve our best effort to score their event. We are very proud to be one of the biggest players in the Netherlands with approx. 70 event at the local level each year on both the track & on the road.

Contract met de Nederlandse Atletiek Unie

On April 1st 2017 we have singed a contract with the Dutch Athletics Federation to time all the Dutch Championships and NBC (National Track Competition) events for the next 5 years. The federation wanted to move forward with a high-end look and feel of those events and together we came up with a setup that does just that.

The Local organization no longer has to worry about a lot of the technical details: timing, scoreboarding and false start detection are all done by SplitTime operators. No doubt we we make the experience even better during the 5 year period.