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IPICO Sports readers can be used in combination with a number of race management systems. SplitTime has developed software that is both easy enough to use by operators that just one competition every once in a while, but powerful enough to be used a big events. Our software has been used at the Istanbul for the past 2 years,  a complex race with 3 different distances, separate start locations and times and split measurements every 5 km.


The IpicoWiz interface only shows you information that is relevant for you at that time. This helps us keep complex races easy to manage.


Download IpicoWiz Basis Download IpicoWiz Remote Download IpicoWiz Display

Basic software

The IpicoWiz software family consists of the IpicoWiz basic with additional plugins. The basic software has all the features to time races with. This software can be connected directly to the readers for a live transfer of data, but we also allow for retrieval of the tag information after the event.
The basic license is part of every sale of IPICO equipment that SplitTime does. For everyone else we offer a one time license fee to obtain the software. A “basic software” license costs € 250, there is no yearly fee and every update of the software will work with the license key provided.

You can enhance the features of the basic software by using the IpicoWiz online license.

IpicoWiz online license

With the online license you have 3 extra functions: live publication, remote client and remote display. With a valid basic license you can either buy a remote license on a “per competition” basis or on a yearly “flat fee” plan. The “per event” license allows for a single day 2 connection setup. A connection can be the live publication, a remote client or a remote display. The per event license costs € 50 per competition day. The flat fee license allows for an unlimited number of connections at an unlimited number of events, as long as it is in the same year. Pricing for the flat fee is € 350 for a full year.

Remote client

The remote client allows you to connect readers over the internet. Every remote locations needs a reader, a computer and internet connectivity in order for this to work. On the local computer we filter the information, so only the bare minimum is actually sent over the internet. This provides both speed and allows for smaller internet connection to still be useful.
The data the remote client transmits will first be sent to our cloud based server, the main IpicoWiz instance will fetch the information from this server and then treats it as any other reader data. This all happens in “near real time”, provided the internet connection can keep up!

We host our servers in the Amazon cloud with an up-time guarantee close to 100%, so access to the services should always be possible as long as you have internet access.

Live publication

Current events require more interaction with the athletes and public. When this option is enabled we publish all data live to a webpage that is accessible for … well … anyone who is interested. The information is responsive, which means it will scale based upon the device you are looking on and you can embed it on your own web page.

Remote Display

The cloud server is also used for our Remote Display software. The software allows you to use any Windows computer connected to internet to act as a display. Connected to a big screen, projector or video wall you can use it to display live results, e.g. follow the first runners as they go from checkpoint to checkpoint or display runners crossing the finishline at that moment.