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SplitTime conference presentations
Here you find the presentations used at the SplitTime technical conference held in 2020. Most is in Dutch, but it might still be interesting.

IpicoWiz installation files

Download the installation files for IpicoWiz here, or go to the IpicoWiz product page on this site for more information on this software.

Download IpicoWiz BasisDownload IpicoWiz RemoteDownload IpicoWiz Display

Pause Windows update
Copy this tool to c:\software (or change the directory in the batch file) and start “Run as administrator” to pause Windows updates for 35 days. No timer should work without this!

Lynx camera boot
For some reason Windows can decide to activate a power saving option in the network card settings. That leads to an issue where we cannot boot a FinishLynx camera. Download this .reg file and run it. Reboot the PC after that and the FinishLynx camera should boot fine again (until Windows changes the setting again – so keep this file at hand!).